The Quickening

Our heroes now find themselves in quite the predicament.

Thom having faced the furies of the Veil sets out towards Widow’s Bay where a large galley ship acts as a floating hotel. Upon arriving he attempts to convince the ships owner and captain to ferry him across the Veil and onto the shore of the realm beyond the Veil. Though successful he is quickly side tracked by a new quest. Overcome with the sudden urge to head North, he meets up with Drizzt just outside of Widow’s Bay.

The two are given a choice, head to the Great Mountain to defend it from the encroaching bandit army, or head across the Veil to defeat Rowan before whatever evil scheme he has concocted can succeed.

Meanwhile in Tel’nar Lucan succeeds in convincing the armies of the Knights of Viritus to follow him by creating miracles, healing the sick and wounded, and bringing the dead back to life. Amazed, all of the men quickly sign onto his cause. Lord Robert, his pride severely wounded, takes back his host of men, a thousand strong. Lucan, now the leader of a ten thousand men is lured away by a Sorcerer in red. The Sorcerer tells Lucan that they must activate the teleporters located in a secret passage below Tel’nar to move the armies back to Mindelor as quickly as possible. The Sorcerer tricks Lucan, using the teleporter as a conduit for his own energy and sending the would-be Prophet away. Lucan wakes in dungeon cell, where he is quickly lead away, to be killed.

Keegan, a powerful and evil pyromancer is tasked by The Madame, the mysterious leader of the Bandit Army with infiltrating the Great Mountain and sabotaging it from within. He takes the Madame’s fastest horse and arrives within two days time. He then joins the guard of Phanero’s Rest and embarks up the Mountain on a mission given by Lord Bracken, leader of the Phanero’s Rest guard. A web of politics, crime, and death is spinning inside the hot caverns of the Great Mountain and Keegan’s allegiance is shaky at best.

Thom and Drizzt decide to embark toward the Great Mountain, traveling with great speed the two arrive in 3 days. The armies of the Bandit’s still days away, they meet with Lord Bracken who recognizes them as the Vibril Snake Slayers and allows them passage into Phanero’s Rest. There the two meet with Lord Robert, who is back from his conquest in the North. Though defeated Robert appears more confident than ever, but still as concerned for the safety of the Great Mountain. He tasks the two, Thom and Drizzt, with traveling across the Deathswath Desert, to the city known as Picelero, where supposedly one can find the means to activate the teleporters once again.

The two embark on their journey, barely surviving the heats of the first section of the vast desert they arrive at the Castle of the Gods. Encountering a large beast that travels with a flock of vultures encircling it, they are forced into a cave system where a Kobold leads them into a mysterious and ancient city.



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