King Nel'cor

King of Orcs and Half-Orcs, Keeper of the Red Fields, Guardian of the Eastern Fields, Chief of the Grul'der, Slayer of Eilder, and Protector of the Alvine Dominion


He is the King of the Alvine dominion. The only force keeping Orcs and Half-Orcs from war. A capable warrior and cunning diplomat. Fearless, prideful, and calm. He never speaks, instead his Magistrar speaks for him. Years ago he took his thrown after defeating the Chieftain of the Red Fields Eilder in one on one combat. The victory brokered peace between the Orcs and the Half-Orcs.

His political history is also one filled with strife. The nobels in the city, rich men and those from old families, wished to turn the Monarchy into a Democracy in which they would be the representative. Some even went as far as to plan a military coup. Nel’cor responded by executing the conspirators whilst simultaneously spreading rumors that would set the nobels against one another.

When the Veil emerged far to the East, the King took no real note. He was not tied to the Nunarians like the Mindelorians were, as his overseas trade was managed in Tel’nar. Two months after the Veil appeared, Lucan came to the King and revealed himself to be the Prophet of Viritus. The King had always been devout in his worship of Viritus and had tried to remain good despite the harrowing troubles of the Monarchy. So having been convinced of Lucan’s legitimacy he agreed to aid Lucan in his quest. Buying time for the meeting between himself and the encroaching armies of Lord Robert the King also decided to outfit the prophet with gear befitting his noble status and to vouch for him when the time came.

King Nel'cor

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