A Warrior from the Clan of the Forgotten


Kyel’s origins are unknown to anyone. The Clan of the Forgotten believe he was their faithful warrior, but he was the one that saw to their demise, corrupted by the power of the Whispering Blade.

He appeared before our heroes back in the ebbing hours of this great adventurer, and told that he too was ordered there by the Master of the Hollow. He aided them, healed them, fought with them, and then, a midst the violence of the Thieves Riot of Nunari he disappeared. Reappearing much later, wielding an arrow blessed by the good prayers at the Temple of Viritus at Phanero’s Rest. In a single blow he was able to stop Rowen from killing our adventurers.

He was seen again at the Forgotten City preparing for a trip across the Veil. Then, he disappeared with a final farewell to Thom and Drizzt.

Then he was seen once more, seriously wounded but recovering. Visibly troubled by his time across the Veil, he managed to convince Drizzt to hand over the Sword of Whispers which Drizzt had been tasked with destroying.

The error of this was seen when Lucan discovered the corpses of the Clan of the Forgotten strewn about the Forgotten City.

He was last seen by Lucan, who was captured by the forces of darkness beyond the veil. His executioner was Kyel, wielding the Sword of Whispers which had been transformed into its final form. It was Kyel that dealt the killing blow to Lucan, trapping him in the realm of the Nightmare.


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