The Changeling

A Frightening Schemer in the Bandit Army


Known as Neil in his human form his most frightening aspect is the fact that he could be anywhere, at any moment, pretending to be anyone. He interacts with most people as a human, but who knows what he truly is, or he is anything at all. He wields a strange golden dagger with an unknown power, but his mere prescense seems to evoke fear, no one knows this man’s origins or his intentions, but he is certainly not to be trifled with.

His branch of the Bandit Army is experienced with subterfuge. They are rogues, archers, thieves, and scoundrels. Scouts mostly, whose purpose is to infiltrate and sabotage. They run ahead or on the outskirts of the army, bringing in information every day or so and then riding out again. Neil wanders between them and the army, sometimes disappearing altogether for days on end.

Who is this man, and what is his purpose?

The Changeling

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