The Leader of the Draconic Peoples in Kur'tel


Born over three centuries ago this Dragonborn warrior spent the first half of his life trying to establish a colony of Dragonborn from within the Deathswath which could trade the valuable ores found in the subterranean vaults of The Castle of the Gods. He was successful for a time, his people found their way out of the Desert and into the surrounding areas. Tribes of humans and Dragonborn fought for many years due to xenophobia, until Mindelor arrived and struck back the “enroaching” Dragonborn threat. He effectively wiped out the Dragonborn, decreasing a vibrant population and culture to mere fragments.

The conflict came to its climax when Tur’gan faced down Mindelor at the Knife’s Edge. As the armies of Dragonborn and Human collapsed around one another, the two leaders set about killing one another. In the end the Dragonborn armies were defeated, and Tur’gan lost his sword arm. Mindelor spared his life on the grounds that the Dragonborn had fought honorably and left him to retreat into his desert with his broken and defeated people.

Now shut off from all trade with the outside world the Dragonborn civilization was destroyed by famine, Tur’gan watched his people either die from hunger or migrate in droves out of the desert and into other parts of the world. Tur’gan took up the remaining bands of his people and fled from the hot deadly desert, into the underground world of the Kobolds. His people easily established dominion over them.

After this another two hundred years went by. During this time Tur’gan found himself haunted by visions and nightmares. In his sleep he would find himself suddenly overtaken by a deep sadness followed by images of a world familiar but altogether alien. He would see humans dressed in odd unfamiliar fashions, empty valleys where cities or towns should be, and where the Deathswath Desert was, a long stretching canyon city.

One day the Kobold’s mining led them to a very ancient cavern, with a temple at its center, in pristine condition. Tur’gan began to associate his visions with this mysterious temple and he poured himself into researching all he could. He began instructing his caravaners (for a small trade had been established between Kobolds and humans) to find books on the subject. Though the Kobolds were unsophisticated they eventually did find him some interesting tomes, though none ever answered his questions fully.

Tur’gan began to believe himself to be a Prophet of some unknown God. He would sleep in anticipation of his nighttime narratives. He became aware of himself within these vivid dreams, and he was able to derive a single word in his attempts to contact whatever force was contacting him. The word was a name, “Nefermandias”. He founded a religion based around the belief that within the Temple lied the key to his people’s success and he now devotes much of his time to administrating uncovering the hidden parts of the Temple, and seeking salvation.


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