Shroud of Tymel

A Shroud Once Worn by the Master Thief, Tymel


Gives the user the one with shadow feat and encounter power with enhancements. Whilst in shadow form, the user is considered phasing, cannot be attacked, and gains a +10 to all stealth rolls. However the user can only move within occupied squares (that is to say, within the shadows of others) or the effect will end. It is a standard action to become one with shadow and a minor to return to normal form.


The shroud is affixed to the shoulders via clamps of steel. The clamps are in the shape of a bats head, with the teeth acting as the spokes of the clamp. The shroud itself is a single black satin cloth which can adjust length depending on the user, it hangs down to the ankles on any user.

The origins of the shroud are unknown, but it is assumed to have been made from the wings of an ancient vampire which legend says was slain by Tymel in the early days before Selden was formally founded.

Shroud of Tymel

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