The Clan of the Forgotten

The Clan of the Forgotten was an organization that devotes its time to the research of the Demon spirits which can be found throughout Selden and whose connection to the past is of paramount importance in finding out the secret to Selden’s past before the arrival of the Viri.

The Clan is devoted to studying demons but also to uncovering bits of lost history. They intend to use this knowledge to govern Selden from afar, using their demon’s powers as a means of gently influencing the flow of events in a way that does not mirror the mistakes of the past.

All evidence points to a very old and sophisticated society being present in Selden before Selden was even conquered and founded by the Viri years ago. This seems to suggest that, in large part, Selden’s culture, trade, religion, customs, traditions, and society are based on foreign ways. The Clan of the Forgotten attempts to uncover the secret history of the civilization before in order to restore Selden back to its unremembered roots.

Unfortunately, the Clan met their end when Kyel used the Sword of Whispers to slay them all in their Forgotten City in the Ancient Forest.

The Clan of the Forgotten

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