The Deathswath Desert

A legendary desert, vast and cruel, filled with many deadly creatures.

It has three areas:

Knife’s Edge

A barren wasteland that stretches for miles. Cracked, packed Earth, no water, no rain. Sun beats down upon any adventure’s head. Barren of all life, major danger comes from hunger, thirst, and exposure.

Castle of the Gods

Some vegetation, though mostly cacti and shrubbery. Numerous gigantic plateaus rise up from the ground and other rock clusters and shape arise. Many caves around this area, some even connected.


Named for the regions appearance.

“As if the Gods themselves had reached down, together, and painted a vision of death and beauty with the swath of a Brush”. — Roth Drilder, famous historian (supposedly died in an Oasis at Deathswath’s center)

Large sand dunes stretch on for miles, a literal sea of shifting sands. High winds from the south push the sand, creating vicious sandstorms which whip about, engulfing, blinding, and suffocating. Entire area is considered difficult terrain unless adventurer has sand shoes equipped.

The Deathswath Desert

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